Apr 28

Are you a one-boxer or two-boxer?

Let me get straight to the point:

You are presented with two boxes, Box A and Box B.

This is what we know about the game.

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Apr 21

Buffet of All Things

How much would it cost to have unlimited access to movies + books + magazine + music? And what Amazon Prime might become.

“$43 per month will get you unlimited movies + music + books + magazines”

$10 (OysterBooks for books) + $8 (Netflix for movies) + $10 (Spotify for Music) + $15 (NextIssue for Magazine) = $43 per month

Bonus: +$30 per month to get yourself unlimited movie theater showings

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Nov 14

Melinda Gates at Stanford - “Travel to developing countries when you get the chance. Once your eyes are opened, you cannot turn away.”

“You didn’t come to Stanford if you don’t like difficult. Figure out where your passion is and pursue it with vengeance.

Gather experts. Fill in your uncomfortable. Do something now. If you believe in innovation, there are things you can do.”

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Nov 12

A billion dollar software tech company is founded every 3 months *in U.S.

Ron Conway once said: “There’s a billion company created every 3 months. Now, it is every 2 months”. I finally got the chance compile “The Billion Dollar” list. I tried to limit this list to only software tech companies. I also included a couple of near billion dollar companies (~0.7 B and above).

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Aug 08

“Social media is a multiplier. It makes customers’ voices louder.” — Economist

Oct 09

“Life is not about practicality. Live life to enjoy it, not to survive it.” — My Motto