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Are you a one-boxer or two-boxer?

Let me get straight to the point:

You are presented with two boxes, Box A and Box B.

  • Box A contains $1,000
  • Box B contains either $1,000,000 or nothing

This is what we know about the game.

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Buffet of All Things

How much would it cost to have unlimited access to movies + books + magazine + music? And what Amazon Prime might become.

“$43 per month will get you unlimited movies + music + books + magazines”

$10 (OysterBooks for books) + $8 (Netflix for movies) + $10 (Spotify for Music) + $15 (NextIssue for Magazine) = $43 per month

Bonus: +$30 per month to get yourself unlimited movie theater showings

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“Social media is a multiplier. It makes customers’ voices louder.”


“Life is not about practicality. Live life to enjoy it, not to survive it.”

– My Motto